From client engagement to technology implementation to service delivery, our IT Solutions and Services give you access to our proficiency in advanced technologies and proven practices along the entire IT life cycle.

Acelema IT solutions Pvt. Ltd. and services deliver innovative solutions, allowing clients to embrace the technologies that stimulate their companies’ future growth. We build innovative IT infrastructure solution and support services, along with application and security services using both cloud and traditional technologies, combined with collective business, technical and industry expertise.

expertise. From client engagement to technology implementation to service delivery, our proficiency in advanced technologies and proven practices along the entire IT life cycle.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in being able to build a website from scratch and following it all the way to success. Our specialisation lies in the following:

  • Web Development

    We take care of web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, coding.

  • E-commerce Solution

    We evaluate your business goals and offer customised/framework based e-business strategies to help you reach the maximum people and sell your product better. We also design customised and affordable shopping cart solutions.

  • SEO Service

    You can have the best product in the world but until people are made aware of it, all your efforts are futile. Search engine optimisation is a process for getting a website ranked on search engines for keywords matching your business. Who doesn’t dream of showing up on the first page of Google? Our SEO experts use their unparalleled skills to ensure that you feature among the top ten results in all relevant searches.

  • Mobile Apps

    The hottest space to get into right now is mobile apps. We take on a balanced approach to make sure neither creaticity nor practicality gets compromised. We design the app and make sure the user interface is easy and fun to use. Mobile apps are a great way to capture a larger market and we’ll walk you through every step.

  • Digital Marketing

    Our job doesn’t just end at making your website and social media pages but actually working on your brand’s online presence. It is important to reach out to the users who can buy your unique product and help your business reach new heights. Digital marketing is the most effective means to achieve this goal and we’ve got your back!

  • Smo Service

    Our process, to help you get established on social media platforms includes profile creation, sourcing content, updated posts and detailed reporting. We also monitor and participate in your conversations and help you acquire feedback from your audience so you can constantly modify your products and services for the best results.

Empowering Your Web Identity

Web designing is the visual attraction and the page layout of a website that goes along with web development. It is important for brand building as it gives a strong impression.

We at Acelema have a team of web development experts who are continuously exploring and executing creative ideas that will change the design of your website into a treasure house for your business.

Design is the foremost element that people observe while visiting your website and if it is not appealing they will exit. It is worth spending your money on creating a well-designed website as it is a long term investment for your business.


Mobile App development is a process of creating a software application for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. It involves a series of steps to write software for mobile devices.

At Acelema we ensure amalgamation of human brain and tech innovation while creating most adaptive and responsive solutions in mobility. Our core offerings include implementing modern innovative technologies to transform your business.

We help you turn your ideas into reality, our experienced and dedicated team makes sure that you get the best results by enabling digital work flows and promising timely delivery.

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