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We thrive to help businesses be it of any scale in the digital space by providing all the essentials it needs to grow rapidly in today’s digital era.


What do we do?



It helps you find and steer the visitors most likely to purchase on your website.

Video Editing


There are many methods by which Acelema may edit your raw film for you. You may count on us if you want your movies edited professionally and fast by an established video editing company.

Social Media Marketing


Using social media to fuel sales and income channels, generate leads, and build a positive brand image among customers gives your company available leverage.

Emailer Templates

Copy and paste your text, links, and image URLs into the HTML file using an email template.

Creative Animated Videos

As a film production company, VCD is ready to assist you in developing your first feature-length film, whether it's a commercial, educational video, or feature-length film.

Pay Per Click(PPC)

Paid per click marketing is a form of online advertising where marketers get paid each time a user clicks one of their advertisements.

Marketing Strategy Development

Your service-based business' marketing plan begins with determining your company's market position.

When you differentiate your service, you have the opportunity to charge more for it.

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